Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why I Think There's Something More

I believe God exists. I also believe as long as we're human we can't ever fully know God. God, by nature, is beyond us, bigger and wider and fuller than we are or can even imagine. But there are times when we get glimpses, we brush up against God, even find ourselves immersed.  Here's an incomplete list of why I believe in God:

The ocean's rhythmic infinity -
The universes hidden in a mind and the words that open those universes to other minds -
Uncalled for compassion and unnecessary kindness -
The powerful, energized mist of a waterfall -
A wild child brought to calm by holding a guinea pig or watching the small stillness of a hidden hummingbird -
A dream that connects you with a loss you didn't even know had happened -
The burst of emotion stirred by physical sensations -
The way the lump of spongy gray we call the brain creates life and thought and emotion and creativity, music and literature and art and scientific discovery, through electrical and chemical events that happen in the space between the concrete and the tangible -
The energy and electricity in a room full of people connecting with each other -
The invisible world of atoms and molecules and waves of light and sound upon which we have built this remarkable, visible civilization that is modern life -

This list hasn't reached its end.  What would you add?

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