Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sharing a Summer Solstice Gift of Poetry

Today, I'm sharing with you a poem from my friend and fellow writer, William S. Gregory, known to his friends as Sam.  Sam has an elegance and eloquence with words that few can match.  Like Emily Dickinson, he sometimes shares gifts of poems with his friends.  Here is one in honor of this day:

Summer Solstice Poem 2012, by William S. Gregory

Let no tear fall upon the longest day,
No word in anger fly to pain the heart,
No blow be struck against substance or flesh
To shock the fabric of the duration.

Can we do this?  Can we achieve this task?
Can we close lips and simply hold our breath
For but the lifetime of a soap-bubble
Bright floating on a brilliant summer day?


William S. Gregory has a workshopped performance of his play about Joan of Arc, SAINT IN A CAGE, being presented this week by Portland Theater Works.  Meanwhile, on KZME 107.1 FM, the Society of the Inner Ear is featuring some of Mr. Gregory's audio pieces, including THE CONFESSIONS OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE.  Enjoy!

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