Saturday, January 30, 2016

Beauty, Imperfection and the Divine

Complexity can feel like chaos. It requires imperfection. Human beings are complex. Therefore, we are also awash in chaos and imperfection. We can strive for lofty goals, but we have to embrace our flaws and the certainty that we will stumble from time to time - more often than not. We need to find beauty in the stumbles. We need to find beauty in the complexity. Perhaps they are the same thing. Maybe imperfection is complexity, and complexity is beauty. Life, the world, and humanity are not unblemished models of perfection. They are beautiful, flawed riots of complexity.

Striving for perfection has its own kind of beauty. Once in a while, we glimpse perfection, and those glimpses deserve appreciation. Their rarity lends them a special kind of beauty - our brush with the unattainable divine. They remind us what is possible.

Just as we appreciate a variety of flowers in the garden, so we can embrace and celebrate many forms of beauty - the fleeting beauty of perfection, the gorgeous lopsided-ness of imperfection, and the struggle and dance between the two. Each has its own kind of beauty, defined and judged on its own terms, as each of us should be.

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