Friday, January 1, 2016

What Matters

I've been thinking about what matters. Easy to lose sight of.

What matters?  What really matters, from day to day and moment to moment over the long, or short, arc of a life time? What matters beyond that arc?

There is a passage in the TAO TE CHING that says "The master does nothing and leaves nothing undone." I have often struggled with that.  But perhaps the "nothing" is a recognition of what does and does not matter, a sense of perspective about the million and one little nothings that we think we must do, that indeed we do, and the million and one "nothings" that matter, in strange ways we can't even fathom. The things that the world calls "nothing" may be the ones that matter most. The things we fret over and stew about and do may, in the grand scheme, be utterly insignificant.

Let your spiritual eye zoom back. Climb to the top of a great overlook and take in the panoramic view of life. What is the nothing that you do? What nothing can you leave undone? 

What matters? 

Wishing you, as I do for myself, perspective in the New Year

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